How to be 'positive' and happy with the easiest way

Well, i don't have a deep knowledge nor i am a good motivator. nah. I just wanna tell about... 'trying to be a happy person everyday', even you have a big problem that needed to be solved.  What inside my mind and my heart is-'positive' and happy with the easiest way by smiling to our brother's/sister's/friend's/etc face. it's really work, it's affect our heart an boost our mood especially when they are also smiling.  is it hard for you to smile? just give it a try! sometimes, one thing that makes us afraid to smiling is 'suudzon' (negative thinking) to others. we afraid they will not response us with big and cheerful smile the same like we do. We afraid they will give us a flat expression, or we afraid they think we are an overact person. just don't care about what people think! if the smile is comes up from our deepest heart, even they not respond us, it is really okay because there is always benefit for ourselves, don't worry :). i've already felt the benefit from smiling to others face. After smiling, i gain more positive energy and its burn my spirit and make my day so bright. but when the day becomes dark again, i'll just try to smile again, although my eyes look so tired. haha some of my friends told me "You look tired even your lips smiling." first, i thought that i was look like a fake person (no, im not. i just try to smiling) but that's okay, people may not think about that. They may focus only at the smiling face. The Prophet (Nabi Muhammad SAW) said "When you smile to your brother's face, it is charity." He also saw a smile as a gift of joy–an emotional gift, not a material one–a gift whose substance is received by the heart. “ The Prophet was not implying that smiling is only prescribed upon meeting someone. This advice applies to every occasion where a smile can bring cheer, lighten the mood, or reduce the stress that people are feeling. Try to smile :) you may gain a positive vibe and brighten your friend's day. well, i'm not a-girl-who-always-smiling. sometimes i get badmood, but i'll always learn and try, in shaa Allah.

-Don't Forget TO BE HAPPY :)


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