Now, at the age of 20. I’ve got so many things, faced several problems and solve it in my own way. See life from many perspectives and still counting. Feel this and that, thought this and that. Know people and be friends. Laughing together and forget the feeling of sadness. Don’t care about being single and don’t have any boyfriend because I don’t want to have one (and sure it is not allowed haha). I just don’t care and yet I know if somebody in love with me. Of course I don’t want to be like this, it just not on the right timing. Do I like someone? Yes I do, and sure he do not know and it feels right and better. “lets just improve yourself and be better every day!” that my principle, and believe that Allah will give me the best one. He worth for me, and im worth for him. That what I called “focus on the future” and look happier day by day. Not because there is no problem which is blocking your way. but because you are believe in yourself that you can do whatever it takes.


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